Pioneering Education Programmes: Leadership in Sustainability and Innovation

Delivering the future we want will require organizations to cultivate purposeful, reflective leadership at all levels, and to embrace diverse and complementary strengths and approaches.

Aligning commercial success with the delivery of positive social and environment outcomes and delivering progress at the scale and pace required.

As more businesses realize that they need to adjust their strategy to make progress in the context of a more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, they must find ways to develop leaders differently.
Today’s approaches to leadership development are simply not delivering the leadership capabilities required for long-term business success. Our work shows that some leading organisations are successfully rethinking their leadership development strategy to meet the changing environment.
Organizations need a new form of leadership development which helps them to reframe their purpose, strategy, culture – even their fundamental approach to value creation.
AD_Strategies executive education programmes offer senior leaders insight into innovative, commercially compelling ways to address global and sustainability trends. They build the leadership capacity and soft-skills to generate action.

Success Stories

AD_Strategies Team members have accumulated an extensive experience in researching and developing strategies for the businesses with positive impact which have been published and exhibited along the past years.

  • Participation in innovative Technology Transfer Programmes focused on international markets such as Asia and Latin America.
  • Academic research projects on novel business models focused on circular economy, eco-design and sustainable development.
  • Coordination of innovative projects with different partners and enterprises focusing on novel solutions for sustainable development
  • Currently AD_Strategies is collaborating with regional governments and innovative European clusters.

AD_Strategies collaborates with innovative technology European SMEs, in particular, in the field of circular economy and waste to energy.

Global Partners Network

AD_Strategies has formed alliances with experts worldwide. Our practice involves working closely with creative thoughtful experts within various domains of work depending on the needs of any particular project. Our associations with a wide network of well-respected and accomplished professionals make it possible to work from research to concept development and construction of unique designs.
The AD_Strategies team members have been working during more than 20 years at national and international level to assure that business sector was moving towards a more sustainable and innovative patron. We collaborate with public and private enterprises, universities and technological institutes, local authorities and international organizations.
The Ama Dablam Community
The SDGs can only be realized with strong global partnerships and cooperation. The Ama Dablam Community (AD Community) comprises people and organizations from across the globe forming a global innovation ecosystem with the vision and ambition to have exponential and positive impact on the challenging problems of the world. Key strategic partners of AD_Strategies are:

  • Business Associations and Clusters.
  • Financial Institution and Inventors
  • Innovation Hubs
  • Universities and Technology Centers
  • Local and Regional Governments
  • International Consultancy companies
  • Communication and Marketing Agencies

AD_Strategies supports educative projects in Khumjung (Nepal).

How we support you

We believe that the current economic model is unsustainable and has to transition towards a new inclusive green economy. In order to foster this required sustainable transformation, the following innovative programmes and services have been designed by AD_Strategies to support companies seeking to move towards a new business model with higher economic, environmental and social performance:

  • Corporate Sustainability Assessment. AD_Strategies support companies, in particular SMEs and startups in order to assess its ESG rating taking into account environmental, society and governance criteria aligned to SDGs.
    Conventional ESG assessment methodologies typically result in company size or regional biases. In particular, large companies tend to have better sustainability processes than smaller companies and as a result these companies tend to obtain higher ESG rating. To address these challenges, we have developed in collaboration strategic partners an innovative ESG-SDG assessment methodology adapted to small and medium companies operating in different sectors.
  • Design and development of corporate strategies integrated with ESG-SDG criteria. AD_Strategies work with directives of businesses to embed ESG-SDG criteria at the DNA of their strategy. From startups to large corporations, we help our partners understand their current impact and to analyse and identify actions, a precise Action Plan to be performed by the companies aligned with profitability, environment, society and governance factors.
    We help companies, together with our strong network of national and international partner to assess their impact and identify innovation actions to create regenerative businesses based on circular, lean, inclusive economy principles in order to reach in particular neutral-carbon and zero-waste objectives.
  • AD_Strategies connects organizations to technology companies and sustainable investment instruments in order to execute their action plan to maximize their positive impact. In particular, we organize matchmaking events and investment forums in collaboration with strategic partners.
  • Our pioneering executive programmes offer senior leaders insight into innovative, compelling ways to address global and sustainability trends.
    AD_Strategies is collaborating with digital education providers to create an interactive and supported learning experience, equipping companies to lead with impact in a changing business world.
    Some examples of innovative education programmes created by AD_Strategies are:
    – Leadership in Sustainab ility and Innovation: the strategy of doing rigth things.
    – Generation of Sustainable competitive advantages: rewiring business models for exponential impact.
    – Sustainable Finance’s Era of Innovation
    – The Innovator´s DNA: key skills for disruptive innovation
  • AD_Strategies support your organization in the creation of pioneer marketing and communication campaigns conveying your ESG-SDG proposition. In particular we create campaigns based on a pioneer podcast Hub “The global business benefits of doing good”, which is a meeting point between companies and all key stakeholders such as renowned experts, civil organizations and public administration.