Ama Dablam Strategies. Connection between ESG-SDG criteria and business benefits

Ama Dablam Methodology

Ama Dablam Strategies initiative is based on the conviction that the private and public sector, society and environment can be benefited in harmony. The symbiosis between all these systems is a field of research not enough explored until now. Our work is based on advanced research for latest technology and science innovation for possible applications in business with positive impact and turns novel strategies and theoretical solutions into real projects.

Ama Dablam methodology is based on the quintuple helix innovation model which represents a new framework which includes new knowledge, more stakeholders with sustainable development at its center. The five different subsystems included in the quintuple-helix model, are represented by the following actors:  Academy (such as universities, research institutions), Business/industry (SMEs, multinational companies and investors), Government ( local, regional and national public authorities), Civil society ( individuals, NGOs and the public media) and the Environment.