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Ama Dablam counts on
Research Associates and Partners specialized on sustainability strategies, technology and sustainable finance

For decades, most companies have oriented their strategies toward maximizing total shareholder return. Nowadays, there is a new paradigm where corporate leaders are rethinking the role of business in society. Stakeholders (including employees, customers, and governments) are pressuring companies to play a more prominent role in addressing critical challenges such as economic inclusion and climate change.

Ama Dablam Strategies is an initiative fostered by an international group formed by senior consultants and researchers in the fields of business strategy, innovation, finance, communication and education. Ama Dablam Strategies activity is focused on generating business strategies aligned with environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria and positive impact on society and environment. As forward thinkers we support and provide strategy advisory and research that contributes to the (re)-evolution of the private and public sector and our changing society.