Global Partners Network

Ama Dablam Strategies has formed alliances with experts worldwide. Our practice involves working closely with creative thoughtful experts within various domains of work depending on the needs of any particular project. Our associations with a wide network of well-respected and accomplished professionals make it possible to work from research to concept development and construction of unique designs.

The Ama Dablam Strategies team members have been working during more than 20 years at national and international level to assure that business sector was moving towards a more sustainable and innovative patron. We collaborate with public and private enterprises, universities and technological institutes, local authorities and international organizations.

The Ama Dablam Community

The SDGs can only be realized with strong global partnerships and cooperation. The Ama Dablam Community (AD Community) comprises people and organizations from across the globe forming a global innovation ecosystem with the vision and ambition to have exponential and positive impact on the challenging problems of the world. Key strategic partners of Ama Dablam Strategies are:

  • Business Associations and Clusters.
  • Financial Institution and Inventors
  • Innovation Hubs
  • Universities and Technology Centers
  • Local and Regional Governments
  • International Consultancy companies
  • Communication and Marketing Agencies