Corporate Strategies

with positive impact

The Ama Dablam Strategies initiative aims to combine different inputs and to explore them in order to reach the needed equilibrium required between business profitability, environment, society and governance. Integrating sustainability into corporate strategy not only creates value and a sustainable competitive advantage, but also responds to stakeholders’ demands concerning environmental and social issues. Getting your environmental, social, and governance (ESG-SDG) proposition right links to higher value creation of the company.

Ama Dablam Strategies integrates solutions from several fields in order to create and develop succesful strategies integrating ESG proposition

  • Connection to innovation ecosystems: collaboration with technology startups and SMEs belonging to different strategic sectors such as industry 4.0, circular economy, cleantech renewables energies and sustainable transport.
  • Novel sustainable public and private funding instruments in particular venture capital funds, green and social bonds.
  • Pioneer education programmes to enhance leadership capabilities on the new sustainability paradigm.
  • Innovative communication and marketing strategies based on human-emotional factors and society impact of the company.